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My name is Sanya Pirani and I am a Fifth-grade student at Jeffers Pond Elementary School in Prior Lake, Minnesota. I am founder and CEO of  nonprofit organization "Sanya's Hope for Children" (I just got my IRS approval in January -2017). I have extremely talented group of professional Web designers team from ICE BERG Web Design company working on my website called "". While we are working on new website feel free to give me your feedback on my Facebook page. Thank you


I am also CAP agency Ambassador for Carver, Scott and Dakota County appointed on Dec 2015. I am founder and CEO of Non Profit Organization "Sanya's Hope for Children." My website and market place in process.... Coming soon.. 


Sanya's Mission Statement:

"I strongly believe every child deserves basic human rights like food, shelter, cloths, safety and education".  


I also believe helping a child means helping the future of a community.


Hungry minds can’t think so I'd like to help our local community via CAP (Community action partnership) agency (Food Shelf and Crisis Nursery). Did you also know when you donate $10, CAP agency could buy $60 worth of food items? That means $1000 = $6000 worth of impact on the community. I am fundraising for them $1000 because CAP agency have the ability to buy food for less cost, for example $1 buys $60 worth of food.


I am having collaberating "Food Drive" and "School Supply drive" from June 15th until Sep 15th, 2016 at all 21 libraries of Scott, Dakota and Carver county for CAP agency .  We appreciate your support for local community. Thank you 


My second project is "Reach for the Star in You" 

I am feeding a village of 200 people for one year through “Feed My Starving Children". My goal is to raise $24,090 by the end of December 2016. Ultimate goal is over $56,210 to feed village of 700 people for one year. Hoping to finish this target in 2018 or earlier.

My 3rd Project is CROP hunger walk which will be on Oct 9th, 2016. Please join me on my quest to help hungry in body and mind. Stay tune for more information from me.

Here is the link to donate: Thank you for your support


I would also like to create awareness that anyone could make difference in a child's life. Remember, you give and you receive. I would like to reach out to many families to educate them on how to help kids in need. My goal is to create partnerships with many elementary, secondary and high school students. I would request my friends at the Prior Lake schools and others to join my team and help raise money for the less fortunate. Imagine the difference we could make in the world if we work together. 


Now for the million dollar question: Can you help me raise money for children in need?  Remember, someone somewhere helped you when you were in need. Together, we can make a big difference.


One day I would like to start my own foundation to continue to help God's childrens in need. I would like to go on mission trips to be able to touch children's lives.  God Bless You All!

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